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Did you know that on average a company spends around 800-1.000 euro per employee per year on output (printers, faxes and copiers)? The last unmanaged IT area is a huge opportunity to save money and the environment!

Are you aware of the fact that between 60 and 85% of what is printed never leaves your company but that nevertheless these documents are usually printed in a way that befits a customer proposal: full colour, single-sided, single-up?.

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Our consultants and Resellers have a lot of experience in the analysis of complex output environments. They have been engaged in top blue chip companies to streamline their output needs and to define a company-wide output strategy using our tools and with a lot of common sense. Everyone is in a "cost-saving" mode, and the solutions usually do NOT require you to invest first! We can even offer you "no-cure, no-pay" solutions where WE take the risk that you will save!

We are constantly on the look for the best-of-class solutions and will define whether they are really adding value to our customers before introducing them. One of such tools is IPCS™, a patented solution that will make your documents "intelligent", allowing the document to decide how it is going to be printed, and not the end-user...
The same applies for our network of Resellers, they are top notch, multi-national and with a proven track-record in the output environment. They will be able to combine our tools and vision with their own solutions, including hardware, consumables and services if needed.

We pride ourselves of the fact that we are independent and have our own development team able to convert our visions into tangible tools that will help you achieve your cost-cutting goals.

Let our professionals guide you through the maze of available print solutions, with a strong focus on cost-savings. Our experts have years of knowledge in the output and outsourcing business. Our network of Resellers offers us a global reach to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding output environments.

"To know or not to know" is the cornerstone to sound management decisions - stop guessing, start managing!


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