IPCS™ Highlights

IPCS™ is able to generate at least 30% savings on your paper and toner purchases!

IPCS™ is hardware independent and will work with any printer using a MS Windows driver on your network. All savings are reported and you'll also be able to do cost-center billing.

Did you know that email and internet related documents are accounting for nearly 20-25 % of all your documents being printed?

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Finally, a harmonised and intelligent way to print. IPCS™ as developed by Print Associates ApS in Denmark, is virtually turning your documents into "intelligent" ones. IPCS™ will allow you to link default printing rules to certain document profiles you defined in a database. Based on the recognition of the document, IPCS™ will automatically, without user-intervention and using the manufacturer's printer drivers, apply a "print rule". This set of rules (defined by you) will use the most cost-effective way of printing a document using the already present printer features like duplex, two-up printing and toner-save, all in one go.

Saving on cost and the environment
The concept we apply is that we want you to link the cost of printing a document to its value for your organisation. This means that low-value documents (i.e. documents with a short life-cycle or of limited interest) can be printed in the most cost-effective way. You can save up to 70% of the printing cost by applying duplex, toner-save and two-up printing - all automatically! You will not only save hard cash, but you'll be able to reduce the stress you cause on the environment. Paper production is for instance as energy consuming as the production of steel, not to mention the toxicity of toner! Ever wondered why there are no toner factories left in Europe and why they have been 'exported' to countries like China and Taiwan...?

Hardware independent
IPCS™ will work on any platform using MS Windows print servers, using any kind of printer and using the manufacturer's drivers. This makes IPCS™ 'future-proof"! Any change or addition the printer manufacturers build into their drivers will de accessible by IPCS™ and can be linked to your default print-rule for a document.

Easy administration
Because the 80/20 rule also applies in an output environment (80% of the volume is printed by 20% of the documents) you will only need to apply a limited number of "print-rules" to specific documents. IPCS™ will also pick up documents that are not printed through its system allowing you to fine-tune your output over time.

The next step in output management: making documents "intelligent"!


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