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Do you know how many users are printing to a specific device, or how many devices are used by a specific user? Get instant access to this information through our tools and log in to the secure web servers to get the reports you never thought were available.

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Technology used
Contrary to other solutions, we give you the freedom to choose the level of intrusiveness allowed on your network. Using a number of plug-ins (for MS Windows, UNIX and Linux) we provide you with unprecedented visibility of your printing environment. In the least intrusive solution we only need a PC connected to your network and a range of IP addresses to "scan" the remote devices for print-job activity (nevertheless, no "polling" required!). We'll be able not only to capture networking printing activity but also directly connected printers to your networked PC's.

This allows us to 'see' the activity of those devices usually accounting for about 40% of your total output - unique compared to other tools! Your data is securely sent to our web servers for processing meaning you'll be able to access the information from anywhere in the world.

It speaks for itself that we are also hardware independent and can track print activity on any type of device. Using our plug-ins you can tailor our solution to the specific requirements of your output environment.

Reporting Engine
Our state of the art web databases give you an unprecedented view of your printing environment. The level of transparency regarding the print-job information is the best you can get. Get access to whom prints what, where, when, using which type of device; even look at what application was used to generate the output. Based on this information we provide you with a load of reports ranging from device reports, over user and cost reports, allowing you to 'cut' the information in the way that suits you best. We will even include customised 'alerts' to allow you to track changes in printing output needs and/or identify issues up front.

Secure Web-Server
Our customers get free and unlimited access to our secure web servers to run reports against their own data. We'll even offer you the possibility to compare your data against the data from other customers to allow you to position yourself against them. This will allow you to see how good (or bad) a job you're doing in the output arena.

Transaction based billing
Conscious of the fact that we need to offer this service at the lowest possible price, we have moved away from per-user, per-page, per-server or per-device licensing fees of other solutions. We don't care how many users or printers you have. We'll only charge you for the space you take up in your web database on our servers. Every print-job is logged as one record; big or small print-jobs, the price stays the same! At the end of the month you'll get a complete overview on how many records were logged in your database and you'll be billed accordingly (advanced credit purchases are also available at a cheaper rate).

Let our professionals guide you through the maze of available print solutions, with a strong focus on cost-savings. Our experts have years of knowledge in the output and outsourcing business. We will provide you the possibility to have customised reports created to fulfil every need your organisation might have.

Creating total output transparency to allow you to take calculated decisions is our mission in life!


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