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Do you know how many users are printing to a specific device, or how many devices are used by a specific user? Get instant access to this information through our tools and log in to the secure web server to get the reports you never thought were available.

How many pages are you printing to non-intelligent inkjet devices?

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Logging in to our secure web servers gives you instant access to over 30 different types of reports, all grouped by user, device or cost. Free unlimited access is provided to our customers.

Using a number of plug-ins (for MS Windows, UNIX and Linux) we provide you with unprecedented visibility of your printing environment.
Generate instant cost-savings by making your documents 'intelligent'. Never worry about printer-driver settings anymore! Let IPCS™ automatically link the 'value' of your documents to the 'cost' to print them...
Let our professionals guide you through the maze of available print solutions, with a strong focus on cost-savings. Our experts have years of knowledge in the output and outsourcing business.
The pivotal point of a successful solution is proper planning and fulfillment. We will see to it that your solutions are up and running in no time.

All our solutions are not only aimed at reducing your cost in a significant way, but we are also very environmentally conscious. We will look at solutions that will reduce the stress on the environment. The production of paper and toner is very energy consuming and toxic. Through our solutions you will also be able to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. We want to thank all our customers for increasing the ecological awareness of their employees and help saving a piece of mother nature.



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